Radiance Design System

Radiance Design System is a Modern Atomic Design System, built for designers to speed up their workflow and build interfaces that look contemporary. Highly customisable design, this design system can be tweaked according to your preference in a few clicks.

Components Included :

1) Changeable colours
2) Changeable fonts
3) Grid System
4) Perfect Shadow System
5) Buttons (Sharp, 3px border, Left Cap, Right Cap, Rounded, Outline, All states included)
6) Form Fields (Box fields & Line fields)
7) Input Fields (Checkboxes, Radio buttons, On/Off switch, Range selectors)
8) Cards (10 different card layouts)
9) Cards with navigation (Tab nav, Underline nav, Pill nav)
10) List Groups
11) Dropdowns, Pills, Tags, Navbar, Alerts, Modal

Designed By:  Akshay Salekar

Size: 6 MB

Format: Sketch

License: Free for personal use

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